Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a photo?

  1. Go here
  2. Read the guidelines/info
  3. Click 'Choose File'
  4. Put a caption (eg: his tumblr)
  5. Mark ✓ on 'I accept the Terms of Submission'
  6. Click submit!
  7. Also: Please make sure that you have the consent of the person in the photo you are submitting, as we are sometimes unable to remove the posts if they are already published and somebody is upset with their images being up here. If you are unable to get consent (i.e, a celebrity or a random photo), that’s fine but just make sure that if you know the guy personally, you think it will be okay with them.

You should post less ______ and more _______!

The thing with this blog is that you have to submit what you want to see here because our posts are the submissions we receive from you all.

How often do you check submission?


What’s ____’s name? / Does ____ have a tumblr?

Ask the submitter or the one who posted it. Otherwise, we don’t know unless stated. 

I don’t like that you posted this person, wah wah wah, etc.

You’re not the only follower and we post for the mass of you, so if you don’t like someone we post, just keep scrolling and please don’t tell us about it.

I found one of my photos on your blog and don’t want it here.

Please notify us if we have posted something that belongs to you for removal from our blog or if you’d like us to add your credits. By the way, we do not post your photo to claim the fame or steal them, most of them were submitted and the others, we post them to share the beauty with everyone and will always give credit whenever we know the original source.

Promote my blog?

If you submit a quality photo, you will basically promote yourself. Also, if you spam this blog or the admins’ personal blogs with these sorts of messages, be assured that we will ignore or block you.

Who is that guy three posts back?

We post 50+ photos a day. If you don’t link us, we won’t know who you are talking about.

Follow me?

It’s impossible for cuteguyss to follow anyone because this is a group blog.

Why didn’t you post my photo?

It was either deleted or queued, sorry there’s no solid way to know.

Can you post pictures of _____ please?

Please find the picture and submit it yourself. 

How do I become a member of this blog?

Currently, we do not need new members.

You’re so racist/You only post one type of guy/The admins are biased!

We do get these messages, and one the occasion that we do, it is usually from somebody who is bitter about their submission being published. The fact of the matter is, we publish WHAT IS SUBMITTED TO US. So if we receive submissions of say, only guys with black hair, we will post them because that’s what our followers want to see. If you would like to see a change in photos, submit some. Otherwise, we have more followers to please than one person’s particular dislikes.

How long does it take for a photo to be accepted/posted?

If it doesn’t appear after a week, it was declined.